what to wear!

finding good quality skates and equipment

Even the youngest of skaters experience more success with the right equipment. Skates must be lace up type skates.

We highly recommend finding a good quality used skate rather than a molded or plastic inexpensive new skate. A better quality leather boot will provide a snugger fit and a much more confident stride in even our newest skaters!

Plastic skates with buckles are NOT RECOMMENDED!!

United Cycle and Pro Skate in Edmonton both have a good selection of used skates in stock.

Dressing for Success

While our newest skaters need to be warm while on the ice, sometimes a large and puffy snow suit can make it difficult for them to MOVE! 

We encourage the use of layers that provide warmth and movement. A long sleeved shirt on the base, then a insulated layer like a fleece jackey or hoody with a water proof or resistant outer layer helps when skaters are first learning how to skate.

Warm, snug fitted mittens are a must as is a CSA approved hockey helmet for all of our Canskate and Powerskating programs. While a hockey cage on the helmet is not required it can prevent bumped chins, cheeks and noses on our newer skaters that tend to be a bit wobbly starting out.

Have any more questions? Please email coach@leducfigureskating.com and we will be happy to provide the necessary information.



Players box areas are designated for Coaches and skaters only. We ask that parents enjoy watching their child participate from the designated "heated" seating area. This allows skaters to remain focused on the class activities during their program time.

As a guideline for Intermediate and Senior levels, if a male parent is required to tie a skater's skates, they should do so outside of the dressing room. If a male must enter for anything else, they must announce themselves before entering to ensure all skaters are dressed and permission is given to enter the dressing room. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

All skaters must be members of Skate Canada. This involves an annual fee as set by Skate Canada, currently $38.00. Your membership is valid Sept 1st - Aug 31st every year. The fee will automatically be added into your total when you register for the 2017/2018 skating year.


There will be a $25.00 administration fee for NSF cheques.

CREDIT CARD: In all cases of decline (NSF, declined credit, stopped payment, etc.) one additional attempt will be made by CLUB administration to process the payment again. If payment continues to be declined, the skater will be considered not in good standing with the club and will not be permitted to participate in any CLUB activity, including regular skating sessions, until such time as full payment has been made. If payment has not been made within 30 days from date of decline or NSF, the member shall be considered as having terminated their membership. No refunds will be provided for any partial monies paid. 


No refunds after the third (3rd) day of classes (unless accompanied by a Doctor’s note)

The Skate Canada Fee in non-refundable

Classes may be pro-rated if you are starting after the first session. This is at the discretion of the Registrar

There will be a $15 administration fee for cancelling after the first class starts 

There will be a $5 administration fee for cancelling before the first class starts