Dear Intro to STARSkate Parent, 

For the 2017-2018 season, all skaters registered for the Intro to STARSkate Program is being offered at 5 different skating days. ITS skaters can choose between 2 to 4 skating days per week. 
From a Long Term Athlete Development perspective Skate Canada recommends that skaters at this age and stage of development skate between 2-4 times per week, for a 45 minutes. To align with these principles the Leduc FSC and coaching team are implementing a minimum of 2 skating days per week. For more information on the Skate Canada Long Term Athlete Development model visit: 
In addition to aligning with Skate Canada Long Term Athlete Development Model, in order to ensure proper progression from CanSkate through Intro to STARSkate to Jr. STARSkate and beyond, it is necessary to ensure skaters have enough instruction time in all 3 fundamental skating areas (Balance, Control, Agility). Since the Intro to STARSkate Program provides 30 minutes of instruction time, 15 minutes of stroking time and 15 minutes of practice time, this only allows for 2 fundamental areas to be taught each session. As such, in order to ensure each fundamental area is taught at least once per week, two sessions per week are required. 

We do understand that our skaters have other extracurricular commitments, which may make it difficult to commit to 2 sessions per week. However, from a scheduling, teaching, and progression perspective the coaching team views 2 sessions per week of utmost importance. 

 Should you have an questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the coaching team directly.

Fall 2017-2018 Intro to STARSkate Schedule

Program Begins September 18, 2017

Now offering Saturday Skating for ITS!!

Full Schedule available under the Parent Info tab in Monthly Calendars

Tuesday PM

On Ice 4:15-5:15

Off Ice 5:30-6:00

Wednesday PM

On Ice: 5:30-6:30

Off Ice 4:30-5:00

Thursday PM


Friday PM

Off Ice 4:30-5:15

On Ice 5:30-6:30

Saturday AM

On Ice 8:15-9:15 

Intro to STARSkate (formerly known as IFS) 

For skaters having achieved a minimum of level 3 in the Can Skate Program and are ready to try Figure Skating. Lessons are provided in a small group format in which they are still learning to skate but also learning to train for the more advanced skills required in Figure Skating. The classes will be of 60 min duration, of which 30 min of instruction, 15 min self directed practice and 15 group stroking session. They will be learning all the aspects of figure skating (free skate, dance, skills as well as how to train off -ice). Skaters can choose to skate either 2 or 3 days per week.