Erika de Ruiter

  •  Canskate coach in-training

  • 2nd year with LFSC coaching Canskate and ITS
  • Senior Bronze Free Skate Part 1
  • Gold dances
  • Gold skating skills
  • Silver interpretive 

Heidi Isherwood

  • Skated with the Leduc FSC originally in the Black Gold Centre from age 5 and up. Test skater and dance partner, competed regionally within Alberta and skated on the Leduc Precision Teams (now known as Synchro). Coaching is one of Hieidi's main passions.

  • 24 years coaching experience all levels

  • Coaching Learn to Skate, CanSkate, CanPowerSkate, StarSkate, all disciplines

  • Intro to STARSkate Director and CanSkate Director (shared)

  • Level 3 General Subjects and Singles Coaching  training
  • ISPC (formerly Level 2) trained in stroking/skills, singles, synchro/pairs, interpretive and ice dance
  • Primary Starskate certified since 1993 (formerly Level 1)
  • Hockey Coach Level 1 
  • Test Record:  Gold Dance (Novice Competitive Dance), Senior Bronze FreeSkate, 6th Figure, Bronze Artistic (Interpretive)
  • "Take The Lead" Grant recipient 2012.  Acknowledged by Skate Canada from InMotion Network.  Awarded as a female professional coach working with girls.  
  • Level 1 Multi Sport Coach: Softball Alberta & Hockey Alberta
  • First Aid, Making Ethical Decisions, Respect in Sport - Coach Level Complete
  • Graphic Sign Arts Certificate:  NAIT
  • Partial Education Assistant - Grand Prairie Regional College


  • Level 3 National Coach

  • Gold Skills, Jr Competitive, Gold Dances, Silver Free Dance, partial Diamond

  • 40 Years Professional Coaching Experience

  • Coached numerous Provincial & National medallists over 40 years.

  • Coached numerous triple & quad gold test skaters in Skills, Figures, Freeskate, Dance & Interpretive over 4 decades.

  •  Mentor Coach.

  • BA (Psychology)

  • BEd (Movement Ed) 

Kristin Draper

  • Skated for 6 years in Saskatchewan before my family and I moved out to Alberta.
  • Currently working on  Junior silver dances and Junior Bronze Skating Skills
  • Junior Bronze free skate
  •  2 years coaching experience
  • Canskate Coach In Training   
  • Working towards becoming CanSkate certified and then eventually being Primary StarSkate certified. 
  • I am looking forward to coaching this year again! 
Jayla Nokohoo-Badry

  • CANSkate Coach Trained
  • Primary STARSkate Coach in Training
  • Two Years of CANSkate and ITS Coaching Experience with LFSC
  • ​CANSkate Director (shared)
  • 2nd Year Education Student at the U of A
  • Junior Bronze Free Skate
  •  Gold Dances
  • Sr Bronze Skating Skills

Leona Boyle

  • 39 years coaching experience all levels of skating
  • ​Junior STARSkate Director
  • Bachelor of Education 21 years teaching at Elementary Level
  • NCCP National Certified
  • Facilitates NCCP CanSkate Coach Courses
  • Conducts Motivational Learn to Skate Workshops throughout Canada - Focuses on "how to make learning to skate fun"
  • Coaching and Administrative Coordinator for the AB/NWT/NT Section Office
  • 15 minute private lesson $15.00 plus GST
  • Semi Private lesson $8.00 plus GST

Linda Mix-Kondratski

  • 22 Years coaching experience all levels of skating: Preschool, CanSKATE, Powerskating and Gold Test skaters

  • Senior STARSkate Director, CANSkate Director (shared)
  • NCCP Provincial Coach Certified (formally Level 2) 

  • NCCP Level 3 Training (General Subjects and Single Skating)

  • CanPOWERSKATE Certification

  • BSc. In Human Ecology

  • Msc. In Health Promotion

  • Test Record: Gold Freeskate, Gold Dance, 7th Figure, Senior Silver Skills

  • 15 minute private lesson: $11.00

  • 15 minute semi-private lesson $7.00

Rayna Romanko

  • 11 Years Coaching experience

  • Primary StarSKATE Trained

  • CanSKATE certified

  • PowerSKATE certified

  • ​PowerSKATE Director
  • Bachelor of Education Degree with a minor in Physical Education  

  • 3 Years Experience Teaching at Elementary Levels
  • Completed University level Psychology of Sport  

  • Attended the 2013 & 2014 National Coaching Conferences participating in seminars including; off-ice training, Spin/Jump technique with Olympic skater and national medalist Shawn Sawyer and Manon Perron (Olympic Bronze medalist Joannie Rochette's coach). Also attended seminars in Coaching Effectiveness, Mental excellence and sport psychology, and Focus training for skaters.  
  • Attended Axel master class and SNAP seminar for jump technique using Dartfish technical analysis, and training from National medalist and Canadian World team member Ben Ferreira
  •  University level Modern Dance training with Tamara Bliss
  • Test Record: Sr. Silver Freeskate, Sr. Silver Dance, Jr. Silver Skating Skills,  Silver Interpretive Test​

  • 15 minute private lesson $9.00

  • 15 minute semi-private lesson $5.00

leduc figure skating club coaching team

The Leduc Figure Skating club offers a unique team coaching strategy for all of its members. We are pleased to announce we currently have 8 Professional Coaches providing a variety of programming for LFSC Skaters. Many of our coaches actually learned to and continue to skate right here in Leduc!

This group of coaches strives to provide the best instruction, support and encouragement for every LFSC skater whether they are in their first ever PreCANSkate class or a Senior level STARSKater. They bring  a wealth of experience and technical training to our programs, offering unique strength and abilities. One thing all of these individuals have in common is an incredible passion for skating and dedication to helping each skater achieve their very best!