Our Philosophy

Our coaching team strives for excellence in coaching each and every skater.    Sound technical instruction is paramount in ensuring each skater receives the instruction that they need to succeed.  Our coaches' commitment to continuing education to offer the best to LFSC skaters is evident in the attendance  seminars and workshops throughout the skating season.  These seminars and workshops were led by world class competitors, coaches, educators, and technical specialists.  The members of our team are committed to not only using this information with each and every skater, but also to share with one another to ensure we can all benefit from new ideas and techniques for teaching.  Both on and off ice, instructors work together to bring out our skaters' best performances and help them develop as athletes.

Our Goals

To see each skater achieve their personal best and experience skating success.

Develop a strong team environment that uses the strengths of individual coaches to allow skaters to achieve their individual goals.

Ensure that each and every skater receives the coaching that they need to become the best skater they can be.

Deliver sound technical instruction with encouragement and positive feedback.

Model cooperation, respect, strong work ethic, and a genuine love for the sport.

Demonstrate how committment to a sport can both develop and reveal a person's character.

Mission Statement

The Leduc Figure Skating Club is dedicated to increasing the well-being of its members; physically, emotionally and socially through the sport of figure skating.

We recognise that in order to reach these goals and realise this vision and mission statement it requires a partnership between skater, coach, parent and club executive.  By working together our skaters will develop as athletes, experience success and personal growth.  We are excited to make this season at LFSC dynamic, challenging and fun!