Test Day Checklist

  • Clean/polished skates

  • clean laces and tights

  • skating dress

  • LFSC warm up jacket (no hoodies)

  • black or white mini gloves

  • skate guards

**Test Day fees must be paid in advance of test being taken

For questions regarding test days please contact:


competition checklist

Recommended to have

  • LFSC Warm up jacket

  • Black or white mini gloves (clean)

  • Skate guards

  • Running Shoes

  • Yoga mat/skipping rope

  • ipod

  • Healthy Snacks (granola bar, fruit, bagel)

  • Water Bottle

  • Hair Brush and Elastics

must haves

  • Music CD's (Star 2 and up)

  • Skate Canada Member Card

  • Clean/polished skates

  • Clean laces and tights

  • Skating Dress/Outfit


  • Arrive at rink 1 hour prior to your ice time, ready to compete

  • Sign in and submit music to Registration Tabble

  • Take Skate Bag to assigned dressing room

  • Find your coach 45-30 minutes prior to ice time

  • Check in with Ice Captain

  • Warm Up with coach

Note to Parents:

Once hair is done and skates are tied (if parents tie skates) the skater will remain with the coach for the final 30 minutes of warming up, stretching and mentally preparing for their event. Many competitions do not permit parents in the assigned dressing rooms, but may have a general area for tying skates. Parents get the great role of being a spectator from the stands. the coach will be at the side of the rink both during warm up and their performance. Coaches will then escort the skater back to the dressing room while they take off their skates. Skaters will then find their parents in the stands and stay with parents while waiting for results to be posted. Results are generally posted within an hour. If music was submitted, remember to pick up your music at the registration table prior to leaving the rink.

test days 2016-2017

tentative test days at the lrc

Star 1-5 Assessment weeks: November 21-26, December 12-16, January 16-21

Low-High Test Day: December 17, 2016

note to parents:

When skaters are considered ready to take a test, coaches will inform parents in advance of the next test day or Assessment Week. Taking tests within the Skate Canada Test Stream is not mandatory but highly recommended in order to continue to progress as a skater, set goals and receive feedback from an objective (Skate Canada Accredited) judge, in the case of Test Days and from your assigned professional coach in the case of STAR 1-5 Assessments.

All Test Fees must be paid before taking the test. For those skaters who are ready to participate in Test Days this season, Saturdays are a strongly reccommended  skating day. Our professional dance partner, Al Carver is scheduled to come on alternating Saturdays for partnering. Seniors, Intermediates and any Juniors that are testing within the traditional testing system, will dance partner approximately twice per month. It is recommended that if Saturday is not your regular skating day, that you consider dropping in to receive this instruction. Drop in fees will apply.