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As a new "skater parent", we're sure you have questions! Below are some frequently asked questions and answers. If you still have questions, please contact one of our coaches by emailing them at


Is my child ready for CanSkate:

My child is interested in hockey or ringette. Is this program geared only to figure skaters?
No. This program provides a solid background for all ice sports, such as hockey, ringette, figure skating and speed skating. Information about Skate Canada's Long Term Athlete Development can be found here.

Does my child have to have previous skating experience before signing up for the program?
No! This program is suitable for new skaters, aged 3 through adult, as well as those with some skating experience.

My children have very different levels of skating experience. Can they all register for the same session?
PreCanSkate and all 6 levels of CanSkate are taught on the same session, so all family members aged 3 and up, with different skating abilities can sign up for the same session.  Skaters will be assessed for skating skills on the ice, and will be placed in age and skill appropriate groups after assessment.

My child is between the ages of 3-5, brand new to skating, and wishes to participate in the PreCanSkate program. How do we register for that?
PreCanSkate is the FIRST stage of our CanSkate program. These young skaters can register on ANY of our CanSkate sessions. Once the PreCanSkate skills have been mastered, these young skaters will progress into the main CanSkate program. This program is 30 minutes in duration and CanSkate is 45 minutes long.

Is the CanSkate program sufficiently advanced for my skater’s skills?
By the time they complete CanSkate, skaters should have several skating skills, some of which are listed here: fast forward and backward perimeter stroking, forward and backward crosscuts, side stops with speed, turns, basic spins, and jumps.

If I am sure that my skater is too advanced for the CanSkate level, what are his/her options with your club?
Skaters who our coaches have assessed as being too advanced for the CanSkate program will have the option of either transitioning to our Intro to StarSkate (ITS) group program or StarSkate (figure skating) or CanPower skate. 

Is there a power skating program at your club?
LFSC offers a variety of CanPowerSKATE programs for all levels from U7 - U15. These classes are a great addition for both ringette and hockey players. Please see the CanPowerSkate section of our website for more details.

Placement within the CanSkate Program:

My child has previous experience in another program. How will he/she be placed in the CanSkate program?
All new CanSkate members are placed into a specific CanSkate group according to their age and level of skating experience communicated to the coaches.  During the first few CanSkate sessions they will be assessed by our professional coaches, and moved to the appropriate level as needed.
A skater who comes from another Skate Canada club will be placed in the appropriate stage, based on the final standing at the other club.


Skate Canada Fee:

I paid a Skate Canada membership fee when my child joined the program. Will I have to pay it again?
The Skate Canada fee is an annual membership and is valid from September 1 to August 31, regardless of when you join the program.  This fee is paid only once a year, despite how many sessions your skater registers in during that time frame (i.e. fall, winter, spring, summer). The fee is required to be renewed every September 1 and is not retained by the club. This fee is non-refundable.

My child skated at another club within the Skate Canada year (Sept 1-Aug 31). Will I have to pay it again?
If you child skated with another club, please contact our registrar prior to registering with us so we can collect your information for Skate Canada. Only one fee per skater is required per year, regardless of which club(s) you skate at.

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