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The Leduc Figure Skating Club (LFSC) aims to provide a safe and supportive environment for the skating community that equally respects our common interests and differences. Our goal is for skaters to enjoy this sport and fulfill their own individual goals within a team spirit. In support of this objective, the Leduc Figure Skating Club has adopted the following code of conduct. Skaters and parents are required to review, discuss and accept this code of conduct and indicate that they have read and understood their responsibilities before participating in club activities.

On and Off Ice Etiquette

1. All Leduc Figure Skating Club members must show respect to all coaches, members, skaters and volunteers at all times, and abide by coaches instructions at all times.

2. Each skater must act with due regard and consideration for both on the ice and off ice sessions.

3. Right of way during free skate sessions is determined as follows: a) A skater whose song is being played b) A skater who is receiving a lesson c) Skaters who are practicing

4. All skaters must get up quickly after falling unless injured, so as to not endanger other skaters on the ice.

5. No food, gum or candy is permitted on the ice. Only plastic water bottles are permitted at the boards.

6. Etiquette rules are in effect at all times. Failure to abide by the above rules may result in the offending skater being removed from the session.

Session Protocol

1. Free skating is not permitted during any dance / skills session.

2. All skaters are required to use the full ice surfaces during free skate and are not to congregate in one area.

3. Skaters are not allowed to sit / lean on the boards or sit in the skater’s box during ice time.

4. Leaving the ice is discouraged. Please use your ice time responsibly.

5. Appropriate skating attire is required for all skaters on the ice.

Safety and Security

1. No pushing, tripping, or horseplay with other skaters is permitted anywhere in the arena or change rooms.

2. Money and valuables should not be left in the dressing room or bleacher areas. The club will not be held responsible for any items that have been lost or stolen.


Skater Conduct

1. Dressing rooms, washrooms and other areas around the arena are to be left clean and all debris picked up.

2. Any member defacing City of Leduc property or other skater’s personal property will, at the discretion of the board, be subject to suspension.

3. Anyone caught in the act of theft will be subject to disciplinary actions as well as prosecution to the full extent of the law.

Resolution of On-Ice Conduct

With many different people and personalities coming together to participate in skating, it’s no surprise that conflicts occasionally arise from differences of opinion or simply misunderstandings. While on the ice, skaters will sometimes collide or accidentally get each other’s way – even when they are maintaining complete awareness and exercising reasonable caution. As a friendly reminder, all skaters who accidentally run into each other or cut each other off are encouraged to say “I’m sorry” or excuse themselves in a polite manner. However, if a member wishes to object to an instruction by coach, parent or fellow skater, the member shall make the objection known to a coach first after scheduled ice time at the convenience of both parties. The coaches are responsible for resolution of the issue. If a coach can not reach resolution of the issue, the coach shall then bring the matter to the LFSC Board of Directors in writing.

Consequences / Disciplinary Action

Should a skater fail to abide by the Skater Code of Conduct Agreement, the following actions will take place:

1st step Verbal warning from professional coach.

2nd step Verbal warning and written notice provided by the LFSC Board.

3rd step Immediate removal from the session and loss of privileges for that session.

4th step Removal from Club activities for a length of time to be determined by the board.

5th step Permanent Club suspension.



The following Parent Code of Conduct has been adopted by Leduc Figure Skating Club from Skate Canada.

Skate Canada is committed to ensuring that all skaters have the opportunity to participate in a safe and welcoming environment that is encouraging and promotes their overall development.

Parents have an enormous influence on skaters’ experiences in the sport. The quality of a skater’s experience is determined by their relationships with parents and the manner in which parents conduct themselves in the Skate Canada environment. In this code “parents” shall refer to “parents and guardians”. This code applies to all parents who are members of Skate Canada or have children who are members of Skate Canada.

Parents shall abide by this code at all times while participating in any Skate Canada club or school, competition, or activity.

• All parents are expected to conduct themselves in a responsible manner consistent with the values of fair play, integrity, open communication and mutual respect.

• Parents shall always model positive and responsible behaviour and communicate with their skater that they expect them to do the same. Parents will assume the major responsibility for their skater’s on ice conduct and attitude.

• Parents shall at all times treat all individuals and property with dignity, courtesy and respect, including but not limited to skaters, coaches, officials, volunteers, other parents, and all other individuals that are part of the club, skating school, Section or Skate Canada.

• Parents shall refrain from any behaviour, or comments, which are profane, insulting, harassing, sexist, racist, abusive, disrespectful or otherwise offensive without hostility or violence.

• Parents shall emphasize the importance of values like sportsmanship, respect, cooperation, competition and teamwork to their skater offering praise for competing fairly, participation and skill development.

• Parents shall model and encourage their skater to maintain a healthy balance between skating and life. (i.e., school, other activities, social life, etc.)

•Parents shall set high, but reasonable expectations for their skater’s participation in skating focusing on development and enjoyment for the child.

• Parents shall instill confidence in their skater’s ability and skill development, always avoiding comparisons with other skaters.

•Parents shall celebrate the acquisition of skills and goals achieved by their skater.

• Parents, along with the professional coach and the athlete, shall be considered members of a team whose main concern is the child’s overall progress and development.

• Parents shall respect that the professional coach is responsible and empowered for the on-ice and off-ice development of the athlete. A parent’s role shall be to take a healthy interest in their child’s progress and development and be responsible for the child’s nutrition, rest, adherence to off-ice training regimen set by the coach or other fitness professional, overall health, life-balance, and moral and emotional support.

• Parents shall ensure their skater wears proper skating clothing and equipment.

• Parents shall never provide alcohol or drugs to minors in a Skate Canada environment.

• Parents shall never provide or advocate the use of performance enhancing drugs or substances.

• Parents shall avoid any conduct, which brings their club, skating school, Section or Skate Canada, into disrepute, including but not limited to abusive use of alcohol, non-medical use of drugs and gambling.

• Parents shall openly support and uphold this code of conduct policy and take action and steps to ensure other parents follow and uphold this code of conduct policy.

• Parents shall adhere to the policies, procedures, rules, standards, and ethics of Skate Canada at all times.

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